Note from the Founder
My name is JoHanna Gratz, and as a victim of abuse myself, I have a heart for these women and girls who have been or are currently being abused. Crocheting has become a therapy for me as I have been recovering.  Abuse in whatever form leads to low self-worth, feelings that you aren’t worth anything, or don’t deserve anything good, especially not someone’s time, which is people’s most precious asset. By taking the time to hand make a scarf, from scratch, (no mass production here!) you are giving your most precious asset; your time. Each scarf is unique and one-of-a-kind, no two are alike, just as God has made each of these women unique and one-of-a-kind. Sure, you can go to a store and purchase a scarf and donate it, but how much more meaningful would it be to receive a scarf that you know was lovingly made by hand specifically to provide not just warmth, but hope and encouragement in a time of recovery and struggle. The scarf I designed is a cowl neck scarf that has lapels on each side and a unique embellishment on one of the lapels. The circular design is meant to signify strength and courage.
 It is my hope and prayer that Scarves for Strength will provide a source of support, encouragement, and  recovery for those suffering from the devastating effects of abuse.

God Bless,


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